TJDEED and Matrix42 Unveil Groundbreaking SAM Solution at Riyadh Event

TJDEED and Matrix42 Unveil Groundbreaking SAM Solution at Riyadh Event

Riyadh — TJDEED Technology, a leading IT solutions provider, collaborated with Matrix42 to host an exclusive event unveiling the revolutionary Matrix42 Software Asset Management (SAM solution) Service. Held in Riyadh, the event gathered interested personnel from private and public sector in KSA, for a comprehensive exploration of SAM cutting-edge solutions.

The event was centered around introducing the Matrix42 SAM Service, a transformative solution designed to revolutionize software asset management for businesses of all sizes. Through insightful presentations and an immersive live demonstration, attendees gained a holistic view of the service’s multifaceted capabilities.

This groundbreaking SAM Service integrates a suite of key features designed to streamline software asset management processes. It offers automated, real-time inventory tracking, sophisticated license optimization, centralized contract management, proactive compliance monitoring, and detailed cost optimization and budgeting insights.

In his address, Sameer Halawani, Managing Director of TJDEED Technology, emphasized the significance of this collaborative endeavor: “The unveiling of Matrix42 SAM represents a pivotal milestone in our commitment to innovative IT solutions. This partnership solidifies our dedication to delivering cutting-edge technology that empowers businesses to excel, SAM will help organizations to optimize license usage effortlessly, ensuring compliance while saving costs.”

The event commenced with TJDEED Technology’s presentation, underscoring their dedication to pioneering advancements in IT. The Matrix42 team then delved into an insightful presentation, articulating the service’s comprehensive features and benefits. The climax of the event was a captivating live demonstration, showcasing the transformative capabilities of the Matrix42 SAM Service.

TJDEED Technology is committed to leveraging the insights gained from this event to further elevate their IT solutions, reinforcing their position as a frontrunner in delivering state-of-the-art technology.