How Dropbox Sign helps remote sales teams close deals

How Dropbox Sign helps remote sales teams close deals

Sales has always been a game of speed. But for remote sales teams, the stakes have never been higher.

As Dailius Wilson, Head of Sales Research at Sales Research Labs tell us, “Since going remote, we found that the speed of communications is faster than ever. People are better at getting in touch with salespeople and getting the answers they need.”

A large part of this comes down to new ways of selling, such as self-service and chat. But it also hints at buyers with less patience. And for remote sales teams, that means more pressure to respond quickly or risk losing a sale.

Fortunately, there are tools like Dropbox Sign’s eSignature technology that can help remote sales teams boost their speed and close deals faster.  

Let’s take a look at the key features helping remote sales teams close deals faster in a remote landscape.

Ready-to-send documents

Research shows that working from home negatively impacts productivity related to “dull” tasks. So any way you can minimize the time your sales reps spend on administrative tasks like prepping contracts is great for productivity.

Dropbox Sign’s template functionality lets reps draft perfectly formatted high-usage contracts with the click of a button. Reps set up the contract once, then simply input the necessary data fields whenever they need to send out a new contract.

What’s more, with Dropbox Sign’s Bulk Send with Template, high-volume sending is a problem of the past. Sales reps can send up to 250 personalized signature requests using a sales contract template and a single API request.  

And, Dropbox Sign’s premium features let you add a personalized touch with your own branding to deliver a more memorable experience for reps, prospects, and customers.

Sound good? Just ask Kamps Propane how eSignatures reduced their contract signing process down to minutes.

“Dropbox Sign [now Dropbox Sign] is very straightforward and easy to understand. The business account gives us the ability to set our documents up as templates which really takes the guesswork out of it for the end-user employees who are interacting with the customers,” explains Jenna Metheny, Customer Service Manager at Kamps Propane. “One positive result of using Dropbox Sign is a much quicker turn-around time for completed paperwork. We can now have a customer’s signed agreement within minutes, as opposed to waiting for days.”

Get the signature you need fast

Any sizable deal needs sign-off from more than one person.

But in a remote world where you can’t rely on a physical contract making the rounds, remote sales teams need a better way to get deals done.

Dropbox Sign’s Group Sign feature sends important documents to a group of recipients. So in instances where only one signature is required, your request is likely to be signed faster, rather than depending on one person to respond.

Stop chasing rogue contracts

No salesperson likes waiting for prospects to return contracts — especially when it’s nearing the end of the quarter and your quota is hanging in the balance.

It’s a nervous time for reps, and a process that leads to pestering prospects and wasting time sending follow-up emails. Did it arrive? Has the prospect seen it? Did I miss their email?

And in a remote world, where interactions with prospects are fast being replaced by self-service tools and content, it can be an elevated point of stress.

With Dropbox Sign’s status notifications, contracts no longer need to be a point of stress for your sales reps. Dropbox Sign delivers status updates to reps every step of the way — sent, opened, signed, returned. That way, your reps aren’t spending precious time tracking down documents and chasing prospects for signatures.

APIs unlock newfound flexibility

As going remote only increases sales teams’ reliance on the digital world, sales managers need to be selective about the digital tools they choose — opting for those that can adapt to new and unexpected digital demands.

And API-powered tools with simple plug-and-play flexibility are freeing sales teams up to use the technology they need — rather than waiting for in-house development teams to build a new feature or functionality.

Dropbox Sign is built with integration at its core, with an easy-to-integrate API that’s ready to launch in an industry-leading average of 2.5 days.

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