“The Next Generation of Remote Technology” TJDEED and TeamViewer Co-Host Event in Riyadh

“The Next Generation of Remote Technology” TJDEED and TeamViewer Co-Host Event in Riyadh

TJDEED and TeamViewer Co-Host Event in Riyadh Showcasing Latest Remote Connectivity and AR Solutions

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia– TJDEED Technology and TeamViewer held “The Next Generation of Remote Technology” event in Riyadh, presenting groundbreaking solutions in remote connectivity and augmented reality (AR) that offer secure support anytime, anywhere. The event highlighted TeamViewer’s latest innovations, including TeamViewer Tensor and TeamViewer Frontline, through a series of live demonstrations and insightful presentations.

Attendees were introduced to TeamViewer Tensor, an enterprise-grade, 360° cloud-based remote connectivity solution, and to TeamViewer Frontline, a revolutionary AR solution designed to empower frontline workers. Participants also had the opportunity to witness live demonstrations and explore real-world customer use cases.

Mr. Saed Habash, Channel Director Middle East at TeamViewer, commented: “Today we showcased the features of TeamViewer Tensor, which offers unparalleled capabilities for secure, seamless remote support. We also showcased TeamViewer Frontline, which utilizes the latest wearable computing technology and provides hands-free support and guidance. We are confident that these solutions will greatly benefit businesses in Saudi Arabia.”

Mr. Omar Al Saudi, Enterprise Sales Manager at TeamViewer added: “Our collaboration with TJDEED Technology marks an important milestone in expanding our reach in the Middle East. We had the chance today to meet with clients in collaboration with TJDEED and engage with decision-makers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.”

Mr. Ashraf Al Qudah, CEO of TJDEED Technology, expressed his enthusiasm for the event: “Today was a special event attended by top-tier personalities from our partners in KSA, from both private and public sectors, where we showcased the latest advancements in remote technology and augmented reality.”

Mr. Al Qudah added: “We are excited to partner with TeamViewer to introduce these state-of-the-art solutions to the region. Our goal is to help businesses enhance their productivity and operational effectiveness. By providing organizations with the latest tools, we strive to drive greater efficiency, and foster innovation.”

The event concluded with a networking session, allowing attendees to engage and discuss potential applications and use cases of how leading companies are leveraging TeamViewer’s solutions to achieve remarkable success and drive innovation within their organizations.

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