TJDEED Technology and ManageEngine Lead Innovation in IT Management at ITCON 2024

TJDEED Technology and ManageEngine Lead Innovation in IT Management at ITCON 2024

Amman, Jordan – TJDEED Technology and ManageEngine Lead Innovation in IT Management at ITCON 2024. TJDEED Technology, in collaboration with ManageEngine, successfully hosted the highly anticipated ITCON 2024, a premier IT management seminar held on July 1st, 2024, at the esteemed Fairmont Amman. The event attracted over 300 IT experts from diverse sectors across Jordan to delve into all aspect of IT management.

Throughout the seminar, participants engaged in in-depth discussions on critical topics such as streamlining IT incident management processes, optimizing IT asset and change management, and harnessing automation to drive operational efficiency. The sessions also highlighted innovative approaches to enhancing cybersecurity measures against evolving threats, and the importance of integrated network, server, and application monitoring for informed decision-making in IT infrastructure management.

Mr. Ashraf AlQudah, CEO of TJDEED Technology, expressed his satisfaction with the event’s outcome, stating, “ITCON 2024 has underscored TJDEED Technology’s mission to empower organizations through innovative IT solutions that drive digital transformation and enhance operational efficiency. As we continue to lead in delivering comprehensive IT management, and infrastructure solutions across the MENA region, events like ITCON reinforce our commitment to advancing IT excellence and fostering innovation within Jordan’s IT ecosystem”.

Mr. AlQudah, added: “our aim is to be the provider of technological advancement, equipping businesses with the tools and strategies needed to thrive in an increasingly digital world” Mr. AlQudah also thanked the audience who invested their time to attend and explore new advancements and solutions.

Mr. Abdullah Sreheen, TJDEED Country Manager – Jordan, echoed these sentiments, emphasizing, “Hosting ITCON 2024 in Amman has been a monumental achievement for TJDEED Technology and ManageEngine. It has provided a unique opportunity for IT professionals to gain valuable insights, forge new partnerships, and explore emerging technologies that are shaping the future of IT management.”

Mr. Sreheen added: “thanks to speakers and thought leaders from both TJDEED Technology and ManageEngine, attendees were immersed in a day-long series of insightful sessions and panel discussions”

Looking ahead, TJDEED Technology and ManageEngine continue to Lead Innovation in IT Management at ITCON 2024 and reaffirm their commitment to advancing IT capabilities and supporting Jordan’s digital transformation agenda. Future initiatives will continue to focus on empowering IT professionals with the knowledge, tools, and strategies needed to succeed”

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