TjDeeD Celebrates 10 Years Working with ManageEngine, at GITEX 2022

TjDeeD Celebrates 10 Years Working with ManageEngine, at GITEX 2022

TjDeeD technology celebrated its 10 years anniversary working with ManageEngine, at GITEX 2022. For over than 10 years TjDeeD distributed ManageEngine’s services and solutions in the MENA Region, in addition to offering unlimited support for customers.

About ManageEngine position, Regional Manager at ManageEngine Mr. Prasanna Venkatesh said, “As the need of IT services and solution accelerates day after day, we are witnessing a true adoption of digital transformation by small and big companies all over the world, and MENA Region is no exception, we offer our wide range of services in different countries in the MENA Region through our partners who help us reach the right people and deliver our services with professional support”.

About the partnership Mr. Venkatesh added, “Tjdeed Technology has been our trusted partner and distributer in the MENA Region for 10 years. With a long history of helping many customers in their digital transformation journey, we are happy to be working with such IT experts and sales professionals”
About TjDeeD’s role, CEO of TjDeeD Technology, Mr. Ashraf AlQudah said, “today we proudly celebrate 10 years of our partnership with ManageEngine, a partner we trusted and counted on. For 10 years we worked together to serve our customers and deliver curated services along with unlimited support, guaranteeing their success in digital transformation journey, today we can proudly say that we made a real impact in our customers’ businesses and contributed to their long-term goals”.

Mr. AlQudah added, “Credit goes to the great team at ManageEngine for his amazing support along the way, and for granting us their continuous trust which allowed us to easily do what we love most which is serving our customers”.

Both teams gathered at ManageEngine booth at GITEX Global 2022 and celebrated the 10 years anniversary with customers and visitors.